Anti-foreigner violence escalates in South Africa-(South Africans killing Rhodesians)


The unrest is an embarrassment for South Africa, which has vaunted its tolerance since the end of apartheid and hopes to encourage foreign visitors for the soccer World Cup in 2010.

The violence is an indicator of anger among those who complain they have been left out by Mbeki’s policies to promote business and investment. Investors are already worried by growing labor influence in the ruling ANC since Mbeki lost the leadership in December to rival Jacob Zuma.

ANC Treasurer General Matthews Phosa called at the weekend for an early election, calling for strong leadership. Mbeki has to step down next year and Zuma is the frontrunner to succeed.




Police officers rescue a seriously injured man who had been attacked, beaten and burned during ongoing xenophobia attacks in Ramaphosa squatter camp east of Johannesburg, South Africa, 19 May 2008. An estimated 20 people have died with hundreds injured and thousands homeless after a week of violence by South Africans against any foreign Africans living in the city.

Gepos Bon Carolyne Ahiambo Ngara vlugtelinge in Suid-Afrika


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